Right now from ChatGPT on Marketing & Advertising
Right now from ChatGPT on Marketing & Advertising
Right now from ChatGPT on Marketing & Advertising
Created by PraticaM on 4/19/2023 7:50:43 AM

The question we asked: why group advertising can be more effective than advertising alone?

ChatGPT Answer:

"Group advertising is often more effective than advertising alone because it allows business or advertisers to pool their resources and reach a much wider audience. By working together, businesses can often reach more potential customers, increase brand awareness, and boost their overall marketing impact. Additionally, group advertising can be more cost-effective as businesses can split ad costs, making it possible to conduct bigger and more targeted campaigns than if each business were to go it alone. Overall, group advertising can lead to increased exposure, more leads and customers, and stronger partnerships between businesses."


Praticam's Marketing platform is designed for local groups and collaborators. 

eMail or SMS advertising primarily enabled for group advertising. Best of all it is priced for mass consumption. 

  • Start with our curated geocoded email starting from only $14.90/month per advertiser for a minimum 10 advertisers.  

Our stats are very strong, from 10K to 1M users per month with a bounce rate of 1% and an open rate of better than 10%. 
Target from 5 - 500 mile radius 

  • Use your email list the more users you have to lower your cost. List must be ready and cleansed of bad email or SMS accounts.
  • Group advertising will prove to be less costly than any other form of advertising except Word of Mouth. 
  • PraticaM Web 3.1 methodology will enable local consumers and local businesses to generate web revenue 
By far the best, least costly and most effective methods to introduce your business to new users.


Early tests show consumers not only don't live by pizza alone they like to exlore other pizza shops as well. Our advertising methods prove that 2 places offering the same service or product can advertise together without fear of competing and both will experience great results for half the cost.  


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