Marketing. Alone or Together?
Marketing. Alone or Together?
Marketing. Alone or Together?
Created by PraticaM on 4/17/2023 10:54:37 AM

Together or alone, what's best for you?

Group Marketing

Group eMail/Text Marketing should be the primary form of advertising for local businesses. It promotes your business and nearby businesses, focuses in forming a mall out of your neighborhood and increase foot traffic for the benefit of all. Group eMail Marketing is a program where multiple advertisers share the cost by combining their ads into one package.

Group Packs
Highly targeted eMail programs can reach from 10,000 to 1,000,000 users/mo selected by income, geolocation, category, disposable income, homeowners, at the rate of 350-34,000 eMail per day. Rate of engagement: less than 1% bounce and more than 10% opens, almost better than printer post cards. 

More About Group eMail
Group eMail lowers the number of sent eMails, uses less resources, discourages Spam, and because it brings everything a neighborhood has to offer in one simple link improves the chances of making it into the inbox.  



Solo Marketing

Solo eMail/Text marketing is a stand-alone email piece focused solely on advertising your business. 

Enhanced Solo eMail Marketing
This program is designed to help you reach every contact in your list or ours or both. 

Alone but still part of the community
When you choose to use our Free landing page, you can feature your message and to make it more interesting we include the nearby businesses. 
People not directly interested in what you are offering may find some other interest and still visit you and your neighborhood. A simple and effective way to share what your neighborhood can offer.   
Your neighborhood will appreciate your actions and word of month will engage more people. 

Alone & Alone
Same as above without making you part of the community.


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