Barbeques and Clam Bakes by Metro West Catering
Barbeques and Clam Bakes by Metro West Catering
Barbeques and Clam Bakes by Metro West Catering
Created by Robert Ciccarelli on 1/9/2023 4:15:24 PM

Barbeque and Clam Bakes

Barbeques and Clam Bakes

(Minimum 25 people)

Metro West Barbeque No. 1 $18.95/ PP

8 oz. Angus burgers w/cheese, Pearl all Beef hot dogs, Grrilled Bbq chicken tenders, Garden burgers Red potato salad, coleslaw, potato chips, seedless watermelon slices, iced tea, lemonade and condiments; Servew/ lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion & Vidalia onions


Metro West Barbeque No. 2 $28.95/PP

Barbeque No. 1 plus Bianco  sweet and hot Italian sausage, country spare ribs, salmon burgers, macaroni salad, fruit salad and soda bar


Metro West Barbeque No. 3 $34.95/ PP

Barbeque No. 2 plus Metro West sirloin steak tips or sirloin steak and corn on the cob


Kebob Barbeque $34.95/person

Chicken, sirloin, vegetable and swordfish kebobs, pasta salad, corn on the cob, Caesar salad and seedless watermelon slices


Southern Barbeque $29.95/ PP

Country-style baby back ribs, beef ribs, barbequed chicken, grits, black-eyed peas, cornbread, tri-colored tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, and seedless watermelon slices


Metro West Surf & Turf Barbeque $49.95/ PP

Grilled jumbo shrimp, swordfish steaks, lobster tails, black angus rib eye steaks, pasta salad, Caesar salad, corn on the cob, seedless watermelon slices


Metro West Famous Clam Bake $49.95/ PP

An old fashioned clam bake with 1 ¼ steamed Maine lobster, native steamed clams and mussels, your choice of  Metro West chicken or steak tips, corn on the cob, clam chowder, corn bread,  Boston cream pie and seedless watermelon slices 



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