New laser treatments to “zap, melt” fat cells
New laser treatments to “zap, melt” fat cells
New laser treatments to “zap, melt” fat cells
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Now hailed as the new “lunchtime” alternative to liposuction and, despite a hefty price tag, it is already finding a growing market in the state’s fat crisis.

Now hailed as the new “lunchtime” alternative to liposuction and, despite a hefty price tag, it is already finding a growing market in the country's fat crisis.

New laser treatments “zap and melt” fat cells are booming across Sydney with the weight-conscious willing to pay whatever it takes to shrink unwanted kilos.

However, experts caution that while the laser machines can be effective, the old-fashioned alternative of healthy eating and exercise will give long-term results.

Non-surgical Liposuction – What Are Your Options

If you have stubborn fat that refuses to leave your body no matter how hard you exercise or how strict you are with your diet, liposuction may appeal to you. The procedure allows you to quickly eliminate excess stored fat so that you look and feel your best. If you don’t like the idea of going under the knife in the name of fat elimination, non-surgical liposuction procedures are a safer alternative.

This guide will introduce you to four of the best non-surgical options currently available. Once you are familiar with these procedures, you can discuss your options with our trained clinicians. Determining which one is the best option for you comes down to serious analysis of your body, your medical history and your goals.



This non-surgical method from Syneron breaks the large triglycerides inside fat cells into free fatty acids. Triglycerides cannot escape fat cells and increase the size of fat cells. Once they are turned into free fatty acids, those acids can leave the fat cells and enter the lymphatic system. This leaves the fat cells with less fat, so they shrink. After a series of treatment, you will see your waistline shrink as a result of the smaller fat cells.

This treatment also stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system through vacuum massage and lymphatic stimulation. This ensures the free fatty acids leaving your fat cells can be eliminated from your body entirely.

The exact number of Velasmooth treatments you need to reach your goals will depend on your body. Typically, sessions last less than an hour, and you can receive multiple treatments each week. This is a pain-free non-surgical liposuction option, so you can get on with your day immediately after treatment.



Mesotherapy was the first non-invasive liposuction procedure to utilise injections to break apart and dissolve excess fat cells. Today, LipoDissolve is used instead of Mesotherapy, and the procedure is similar but more effective.

The procedure involves injecting a mixture of approved medication, vitamin B complex and saline into the targeted fat cells. The medication forces the fat cells to burst, releasing the fat into the lymphatic system. The liver processes the fat and it exits the body. The vitamin B complex supports the liver so the fat is eliminated efficiently.
You can use this non-surgical liposuction alternative on any area of the body, but fewer treatments are typically needed when the fat is soft. The number of treatments needed to get rid of all excess fat will depend on the amount of fat to be eliminated and your body’s response to the treatment.



The Liposonix procedure is a bit different than many other non-invasive liposuction options because it promises results from the very first treatment. Ultrasound energy is delivered to the treatment area with a unique handheld device. The energy destroys the fat cells, releasing the fat so that your body can process and eliminate it from your body. This treatment is used exclusively on the abdomen and the love handles on your sides.

You won’t eliminate all of your excess fat with one treatment, but you can lose up to an inch in your abdomen with the first treatment. Multiple treatments are needed for more substantial results.



Endermologie is a deep-tissue massage that utilizes a special device designed to roll and massage the skin. This deep massage and rolling motion stimulates the lymphatic system so that fat can be properly eliminated from the body. Another benefit of this system is smoother, firmer skin that eliminates the appearance of cellulite. This procedure is often recommended as an after-surgery treatment for people undergoing surgical liposuction procedures.
You may prefer one of these treatments over the others, but only a trained, experienced clinician can determine what is safest for your body. Come in and discuss your options with our professionals to determine the fastest and most effective way to eliminate the stubborn fat clinging to your body. For other non-surgical liposuction  treatments please visit skinhairandbody.com


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