Local eCommerce
Local eCommerce
Local eCommerce
Created by PraticaM on 4/12/2023 1:03:23 PM
A Marketplace where local businesses can sell goods and services locally and worldwide.

PraticaM eCommerce platform is a marketplace that hosts multiple independent stores within the platform. Each store is run by a different seller who is responsible for managing their inventory, shipping, and customer service. Vendors can use their existing credit card merchant account and have payments go directly to their back. Never wait for your money. Customers can browse and purchase products from multiple stores or by geographic availability within the same platform, making it a convenient one-stop-shop for a variety of items. 

The website also provides tools and resources to help sellers grow their businesses, including marketing and promotional tools, analytics and reporting, and access to a community of other sellers. Overall, this ecommerce website provides a diverse range of products from multiple independent sellers, making it a great choice for customers looking for a wide selection of unique and high-quality items.

Why setting up shop in a online mall and selling with others instead of owning your own store?

Setting up a shop in a mall can have several advantages. Here are a few reasons why someone might choose to set up a shop in a mall:

  1. High foot traffic: online Malls enjoy more traffic than single stores, which means there are many people looking through on a daily basis. This can increase the visibility of your shop and potentially lead to more customers.

  2. Built-in customer base: Malls often have a diverse range of stores, which can attract a wide variety of shoppers. This means that there is a built-in customer base that you can potentially tap into.

  3. Shared marketing: Malls often engage in marketing activities that benefit all of the stores within the mall. This can include advertising campaigns, events, and promotions. As a result, you may be able to benefit from these activities without having to invest in your own marketing efforts.

  4. Infrastructure and support: Malls often provide a range of services to their tenants, including security, maintenance, and other infrastructure support. This can be beneficial for small business owners who may not have the resources to manage these functions on their own.

  5. Brand exposure: Being located in a mall can give your brand exposure to a wider audience. This can help to increase brand recognition and awareness, which can be beneficial for long-term business growth.

Of course, there are also potential downsides to setting up a shop in a mall, such as higher rental costs and competition from other stores within the mall. It's important to carefully consider all of the pros and cons before deciding whether setting up a shop in a mall is the right choice for your business.


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