How we build your website
How we build your website
How we build your website
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An easy-to-use beginner's guide on how to build a website!

Super Easy

It's perfect for beginners with no prior web design knowledge and technical skills.

Modern Design

Your website will look gorgeous and extremely trendy with no effort.

Fully Free

There are no subscriptions and trials. Don't pay to create free website and earn money.


Here are just 3 simple and easy to follow steps on how to make your own website from scratch for your business


1. Choose a template
2. Customize your project
3. Publish your website


What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a web design software created especially for users who lack programming skills and want to know how to make your own website from scratch. If you are a small business owner and don't have time for creating a landing page or just don't want to waste time hiring web designers to accomplish this work for you, so Mobirise is the best tool for you in this case.



As you've already guessed, Mobirise is an offline web design software which sometimes is more beneficial for users rather than using online web design tools.
To get to know Mobirise and how to make your own website from scratch with it, we just go through a few simple steps.

  • First of all, download Mobirise from the official website. Don't fear to do this - Mobirise is completely safe and free.
  • Once you've got the Mobirise zip file, unpack it and start the installation. It will last no longer than one minute - so fast that you won't even notice.
  • Launch the application and the first thing you'll be asked for is to sign up. This way you will create your account in order to manage your projects, themes, and extensions. Sign up with just a couple of clicks (Use your Facebook or Google accounts or your email address).

How to make your own website in Mobirise

Mobirise has many advantages you will surely figure out when working with it. In order to make it easier for you, we listed all the major points that are convincing enough for you to decide to start working on your first Mobirise-based project:

  • Latest frameworks - Mobirise is initially based on Bootstrap 3 and then changed to Bootstrap 4. After that, Mobirise started to support Google AMP Pages. The Bootstrap framework is a powerful basis for the majority of websites today. Due to this, web pages can resize properly accommodating any device screen. The AMP Pages is a recent trend from Google. It allows web pages to load as quickly as possible that lets website visitors be focused on the content of your website.
  • Unlimited websites - Once you become a Mobirise user, you will get the freedom to build as many websites as you want. There are no restrictions in this department.
  • Free of charge - Indeed, you are able to create your own page for free. Mobirise offers both free and paid solutions. But free templates allow you to build websites that look as beautiful and professional as those built with premium ones.
  • No coding - No need to write even a single line of code. Mobirise has done everything to make you manage your projects playing with parameters and editing pages directly.
    • User-friendly app interface - Mobirise creators tried really hard to make their application as convenient for clients as possible: one panel to manage your account and app settings located to the left, another panel with website sections is placed to the right, on the top are layout switchers, publish and preview buttons - all that looks simple and easy-to-understand.

Creating a website with Mobirize
  • SEO-friendly - Web pages built with Mobirise get ranked higher in the Google search results. It's up to all the technologies described above and unique designs you can easily customize.
  • Responsive design - Mobirise websites fit every device's screen automatically, so your website will look perfect whatever tool you're using: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Fast loading websites  - Thanks to AMP, Mobirise-driven pages load quickly in comparison to usual HTML pages. It saves your website audience's time what's beneficial for both parts.
  • Modern look and feel - Your website will look up-to-date because Mobirise puts all the new technologies and trends that are common and trendy today in its page templates.
  • Additional features - Have you known that you still are able to code with Mobirise? Or include a social feed or comment boxes on your website? Or make it GDPR-compliant? All this and much more is possible through Mobirise extensions. With them, you will get your website to a higher level.
  • Many templates - Now Mobirise provides over 30 multipurpose templates. Every template delivers a unique design. Moreover, the majority of them are interchangeable - this means you can use parts of one template in another template - what else do you need to make your web page look even more unique?



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